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What makes a man want to be a biker ?

Sо, аftеr months оf nothing but Rаmеn Nооdlеѕ, уоu’vе ѕаvеd up enough loose сhаngе to рut dоwn a deposit оn уоur first mоtоrсусlе. An еxсіtіng nеw wоrld with lеаthеr jackets and wіthоut trаffіс, right? Surе, but thеrе ѕоmе other…stuff, tоо. Stuff nо one еlѕе hаѕ told you аbоut what makes a man bесоmіng a biker. ....... Read more

Biker Dating Tips that will Teach You All the Mistakes of Men when Contacting Biker Women

We all know that it can be difficult to look for a date, especially when you already have an age. Whether you’re doing it personally or through the internet, you’ll find thousands of people registered to biker dating sites. Statistics show that there are twice more biker men looking for dates compared to women. A single biker would usually look for their dates on dating websites. This means that if you’re going to message a girl that you like, there’s a big chance that there are hundreds of other men messaging her ....... Read more

Single Biker Girls Love to Date Guys on the Motorcycle

t may not be easy to accept the reality that single women love to date guys who love to ride a motorcycle; however, it is mostly true. You may have seen some of the hottest biker babes riding with the fiercest motorcycle driver in the area. Here are some of the reasons why single biker girls love the idea of biker dating a guy with a motorcycle. Reasons Why Single Biker Girls Love to Date Guys on the Motorcycle........Read more

Lady Bikers Make the First Move on the Bikers Dating Site

Dating in today’s world has changed since the days of traditional courting. Women are now looking towards dating sites to find men who share similar interests. Lady bikers have been looking for someone who loves the excitement and anticipation of getting out on the road. Biker dating services offer them the opportunity to find someone that shares the same love for the open road that they do. Instead of sitting at home and waiting for someone to reach out to them, lady bikers are looking for their own biker guys by using dating services........Read more

A Biker Dating App to the World’s Largest Online Biker Dating Community

When it comes to dating, we all have different tastes and preferences. People usually look for mates they think have the same interests as them so as to ensure that they are a perfect match. Bikers tend to have distinct needs due to their devotion to motorcycling and everything related to it. As such, it is best for them to find mates who have the same interest so as to enjoy each other’s company while still enjoying what they love doing. In an age where mobile devices have become a necessity, using a biker dating app is the most convenient means of finding your perfect biker mate.......Read more

BikerKiss publish the new viersion of biker dating app

Biker Kiss is an online dating site exclusively for bikers and those who love them. Biker Kiss has now released its’ latest app to the Apple and Google stores.......Read more